We provide comprehensive services, ranging from assistance with finding the best best way to aquire Indonesia Import certificate and ensuring your supply chain is up to date. Our goal is to help businesses succeed in the Indonesian market, which is why we have a nationwide distribution network to ensure your products are delivered to costumers as quickly as possible.

SNI Certificate

(Standard National Indonesia)

Indonesia government requires Products of SNI Certification regarding product standard and production process. It is divided into compulsory certification items and voluntary certification items. In the case of compulsory certification items, these have to get SNI Certification Obligatorily.

Scope of Business

● Document preparation guidance related with receipt and registered as acting agent

● Onsite screening guidance and response

● Issuing certificates

SNI Major Certification History

● HYUNDAI car safety glass

● KIA car safety glass

● GM car safety glass and wheel

● J-Creation Mineralized Jeju Lava Water

● ETC.

ML 인증

(Makanan Luar)

ML is an import food registration system which is one of the representative non- tariff barriers managed by the Indonesian government food and drug administration (BPOM: Badan Pengawasan Obat dan Makanan) in Indonesia and only local companies or importers can handle the registration for ML

Scope of business

● Import food registration progress

● Using a local company, Doing Business as acting agent

● Other required export documents / tasks to Indonesia

ML Registered company history

● ㈜삼양● ㈜유어스

● ㈜CJ ● ㈜일화

● ㈜오뚜기● ㈜아워홈

● ㈜남양● ㈜하림

● ㈜효성식품● ㈜샘표

● ㈜동아ST● ㈜동원

● ㈜푸르메FS● ETC.

● ㈜다고내푸드