Distributing food and beverages to targeted market is a complex process that requires a large number of logistics and delivery services. To solve this problem, We has established a nationwide food and beverage distribution network across Indonesia. We are able to export products quickly deliver products to customers, in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.



We provide comprehensive services, ranging from assistance with finding the best best way to aquire Indonesia Import certificate and ensuring your supply chain is up to date. Our goal is to help businesses succeed in the Indonesian market, which is why we have a nationwide distribution network to ensure your products are delivered to costumers as quickly as possible.



Operating Korean retail store with strong presence in Indonesian market. We offer a wide variety of Korean products, ranging from snacks and beverages to beauty products and household goods. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best Korean products.



Proprietor of authentic Korean restaurant with a focus on providing the best Korean food to our costumers. expert in creating authentic Korean dishes, inspired by the flavors and techniques of the motherland. our passion for Korean food has led us to discover and create the most delicious Korean dishes.




Fruit Flavored Milk



박현욱 기자 2022-07-11

"한국의 매운맛 보실래요"···현지인 입맛 '픽'···인도네시아 시장 활짝

2011년 삼양에서 파일럿 제품으로 출시한 불닭볶음면은 해외에서 파란을...

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박현욱 기자 2021-07-11

“가장 한국적인 것 세계화 아냐”···친숙함이 한국의 세계화 앞당긴다

국내 농식품 수출 기업은 수명이 짧다. 급변하는 해외 시장에 대한 맞춤형 대응이...

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정율기 기자 2022-03-14

㈜오크라인터내셔날, K-분식 떡볶이 인도네시아 국민간식으로 자리매김

㈜오크라인터내셔날 런칭한 K-분식 떡볶이가 2022년 2월 기준 1,000만개가 수출될 만큼...

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