Okra International is leading in import and export of competitive products, PT. KORINUS provides professional manpower and the best service. We will continue to partner with customers around the world and work more diligently for mutual benefit and prosperity in the future.

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From basic research in the food field to the development of new products, we want to create a food culture as the first move in the food industry. We are growing with the goal of exporting to countries around the world.

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Korinus was established in 2012 and provides a one-stop service for importing, distributing, and selling food from all over the world to the Indonesian market with the goal of becoming Indonesia's number one import and distribution company. We are also developing competitive food are also being discovered and developed, and we are always working hard to ensure a stable settlement in the market by branding and marketing our own distribution products.


Jonggajip was founded in 1987 based on joint research on kimchi, Korea's best science and technology university, in 1975. It is a world-class Korean food brand that consistently introduces traditional Korean food, including home-made snacks such as , soup, and stew.

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Dongwon F&B is making ceaseless efforts in research and development of new products with the mindset of providing good food for the health of our customers. In addition, Dongwon F&B will strive to provide customers with better food and better taste in the future, as we pursue the health, joy, and happiness of our customers rather than simply pursuing profit, and seek reward accordingly.

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Jeongfood Co., Ltd. established its own central research center in 1984, recognized by customers for its nutritional and quality products, and is not slowing down its efforts to develop products and improve quality. Vegemil, a high-quality nutritional drink to supply plant nutrition, which is easily lacking in the dietary life of modern people. westernized, and Green Via, a special medical food for various types of patients or the general public who want nutritional supplements, have been produced to win the love of customers.

We contribute to a tastier and healthier world with K-Food, a cuisine that satisfies local tastes with a touch of Korean flavor. Our missionis Contributing to the global community by providing the best value with our ONLYONE products and services, and Vision is Global lifestyle company inspiring a new life of health, happiness and convenience.


Hyosung Food is a company that directly produces oysters in Gaetmaeul, a brand of its own, with a production plant in Goseong, Gyeongnam. In 1998, for the first time in ‘Bagji Oysters’, we were equipped with automated facilities and supplied standard products, and began to receive great attention from the industry by solving hygienic problems such as by-products of raw oysters.

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Namyang will be a reliable enterprise contributing to the improvement of human health on the basis of respect for human beings. Visions is to Realize customer satisfaction through systematic quality management system.


Established in 1997, Sunmyeong Agricultural and Fisheries Co., Ltd. We are a healthy nut company based on the corporate philosophy of ‘supplying honest and right food’. From importing carefully selected raw materials to processing, packaging and sales By realizing one-stop food service throughout the entire process, We are moving beyond the domestic market to the global market.


Dong-A Otsuka was separated from Dong-A Pharmaceutical's food division in 1979. As a food company, In 1980, the second factory was built in Cheongju, and We have presented a new milestone in soft drinks.


YEMIDAM is a company that plays with the taste and nutrition of the meat broth of our agricultural and marine products and is doing its best to protect our family and health. We are doing our best to make delicious, clean and nutritious products with special mission in this age when reliable food that can be eaten is disappearing. YEMIDAM is a sincere and honest company that keeps on being developed through the taste and technology development of products and is a growing company that won the best prize of Jeonbuk Agricultural Products Processing Contest in 2014.

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Easy Bob is Korea's best leisure food shopping mall, handling only well-being food for a new generation of well-being people. We supply only delicious and healthy food that is simple and easy to use, such as instant lunch boxes suitable for overseas backpacking trips, fishing, mountain climbing, and outdoor activities, instant rice/noodles, instant cooking, and instant soup.

유어스 GS

DelightThe joy of life,
GS Retail continues its quest to find a new meaning in life that is better than yesterday through the YOU US brand. Through the GS Retail YOU US brand, customers will discover new pleasures in their lives with superior quality and fresh and differentiated products.


Founded in 1971, Ilhwa is a healthcare company specializing in the production of food, ginseng, and pharmaceuticals. It is the first in Korea to produce beverage products such as McCall, a barley carbonated beverage, ultra-pure carbonated water, natural cider, etc., as well as high-efficiency specialty pharmaceuticals.


Our Home, a comprehensive food company leading the Korean food culture, Korea's systematic and advanced food service began with Our Home.
By introducing a scientific and advanced sanitary and safety system for the first time in the industry, we have provided higher satisfaction to our customers through advanced operations such as the food processing system that processes and supplies various types of food hygienically, and the ISO and HACCP systems. Our Home is growing together with customers from a leader in the food service field to a comprehensive food company ranging from food ingredients, dining out, and food manufacturing.


Starting from Hwangdeung Farm in Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do in 1978, Harim Co., Ltd., a company specializing in chicken, established Harim Foods Co., Ltd. in 1986. A new path has been opened.


In addition to soy sauce, which has been consistently ranked first since its launch in 1946, we have a variety of brands such as Yeondu, a cooking essence that makes cooking easy, delicious and healthy, Fontana, a premium Western-style brand, and Tojang, which has been fermenting soybeans for 100 years.